European Solidarity Corps (ESC)

EVS? Germany? Karlsruhe?

The Jugendwerk der AWO Karlsruhe is a German non-profit EVS Sending, Coordinating and Hosting Organisation that is located in center of Karlsruhe, in Southwest Germany. Karlsruhe is second biggest city in region of Baden-Würtemberg, with around 300.000 inhabitants. It's a city with many students and a lot of bars, clubs and cultural institutions. We offer long term EVS positions in duration of 12 months in our office, in a circus and in Child Care Centres in and around Karlsruhe.


I would like to do my EVS in office Jugendwerk der AWO Karlsruhe:

As an EVS volunteer at Jugendwerk der AWO, the volunteer will be involved in the everyday work at the Jugendwerk office, in planning and organizing it´s activities and all the work that need to be done there. One part will be the support of the organization of the sending, coordinating and receiving new EVS volunteers. The volunteer will help with info events, Facebook activities, press work and support the sending and return-workshop which we offer the volunteers we send abroad. You will do an administration support for EVS, communication with EVS candidates who want to go abroad and provide them a support. You will also prepare each week newsletter with new EVS opportunities, collecting applications from candidates who want to be volunteers in our organization in Karlsruhe, searching potential partner organization in other countries, participate and prepare info meetings for EVS candidates who want to go abroad.

On the other side the "Jugendwerk der AWO" provides lots of camps for children and youngsters too, where the volunteer can join.

A better impression of EVS you can get by reading our EVS Blog:

Beside you will get the opportunity to help with the organization of youth camps and workshops for children and young people from Karlsruhe and area around it. You will be able to take part in EVS seminars and training weekends for children camp leaders in summer and winter and a First Aid Course also. Camps are located in Germany and in Croatia, Spain, Corsica, UK, Austrian Alps and they are available in summer time usually somewhere on sea or lake and also skiing and snowboarding in winter time.

Also you will have the possibility to take part in a high-rope training course and after that support our EPA high-rope training courses. The volunteer will have possibility to make his own project within the frames of the Living Culture program which represents informal culture education through various events. This is usually in the form of country-themed evening, with info about specific land and their cuisine or dances, painting workshop, speed dating, and many more. Support and guidance during all project time will be provided by a mentor. There are also a number of ongoing projects, like the "CAVE", an own youth club of the Jugendwerk. Sometimes you will have to transport some stuff with Jugendwerk van, so driving license would be necessary.

I would like to do my EVS with children in Karlsruhe Day care centers: 

As an EVS volunteer in Karlsruhe you will support the daily activities with the children. Also art activities, sports, experimental activities, role playing, building and construction are part of the work with the children. Depending on the own interests of the volunteer there's the possibility to support one of these topics with own workshops or ideas - and also to realize an own little project within this topic. The volunteer will also support the preparation of lunch for the children and some housekeeping activities. In EVS year volunteer will have possibility to attend EVS seminars and also have a possibility to realize own project witihin frames of Jugendwerk. The Kindergarten holidays are usually 3 weeks in summer and 1 week in winter and it is advised that volunteer try to arrange his holidays within these dates.

Where will I live, and will I have salary?

As an EVS volunteer you will live in the house in a suburb of Karlsruhe which is called Stutensee-Blankenloch. House rent and all utilites are covered by Jugendwerk der AWO. Work time is 38 hours per week and volunteer will receive pocket money and money for food every month. The volunteer will be accommodated in a house with further EVS volunteers. The volunteers share kitchen, bathroom and a common room. There's no own sleeping room for everybody but we have a rotating system so that everybody can have his/her own room for some time. Beside there's also a room where guests can be accommodated. He/she will also receive a ticket for the public transport. Volunteer will also get one month German language course, which is usually held from 8.00 to 12.00 Monday to Friday.